Pilot sites

REFUGE-ED will carry out 46 pilots in 6 countries reaching out to more than 10 000 people.

Italy, Greece, Ireland, Sweden, Bulgaria, and Spain have been strategically chosen to achieve diversity in the context of migration and the situation of the refugee children.

Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, and Spain are key entry countries into the EU and are often considered transit countries on a journey towards northern and western Europe.

Sweden and Ireland are considered destination countries and have different integration strategies in place.


TitleAddress Description
Malmö, Sweden

Three types of settings for pilot studies

Reception and identification centres

Reception and identification centres, refugee camps host refugee and asylum seeker families and children on a temporary basis. Educational arrangements are non-formal and transitory.

Inclusive school environments, and social and learning environments.

Pilot actions will be carried out in inclusive schools of formal education, and other non-formal or informal social and learning environments, serving migrant and non-migrant students and families. This pilot will involve a total of 18 schools/high schools, one Centre for Adult Education, one inner city community group and one intercultural centre.

Institutionalized residential care targeted to unaccompanied minors and separated children

The third type of pilots will be developed in residential care centres for the guardianship of unaccompanied minors and separated children. These educational arrangements are non-formal. They become key spaces for these children’s wellbeing, educational opportunities and sense of belonging.  

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