The primary objective of this report is the mapping and review of existing tools for training, social
exchange and co-creation in Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) and across
Successful Educational Actions (SEAs), with emphasis given to tools that address the needs of
children, families and communities with a migratory or multicultural background, specifically in
the European context. Project partners have worked together to define, test, refine and finalise
criteria for tool identification; review the tools using a peer approach and finally select tools for
inclusion in the report. Twenty-seven tools were initially identified for the MHPSS collection, and
23 for the tools for Education collection. Following a further refinement, this was reduced to a
final inclusion of 19 MHPSS tools and 12 Education tools. A general overview of the resources,
followed by an analysis of their strengths and gaps are included for both topic areas, with brief
recommendations for use. This mapping will contribute to the development of the Brokering
Knowledge Platform which is the primarily intended output of the REFUGE-ED project.

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