Education, well-being and a sense of belonging

At the REFUGE-ED project kick off meeting Dr Teresa Sorde Marti of the UAB reminded the consortium of why we are embarking on three years of hard work in the project:

We are brought together by our shared commitment to contribute to improve the dynamic integration of migrant and refugee children in European societies through enhancing their educational experiences.

Many migrant and refugee children and unaccompanied minors in Europe do not have their basic needs for education and well-being fulfilled.Wherever they find themselves, whether they are in a reception centre, a refugee camp or more secure accommodation, education can represent for all of them a REFUGE.

A REFUGE to create dreams, to sustain hope and to build a better future.

Science is one of the solutions to promote educational and mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) practices that make these REFUGES doors to real opportunities.

The members of the REFUGE-ED consortium are highly qualified to contribute with the needed expertise to identify what works in education and MHPSS. We are a team of 10 institutions that bring robust and long-standing experience in both fields of education and MHPSS, from theories and research to the intervention in emergency and humanitarian extreme contexts.

But without the support and commitment of the children, families, educators and communities we can only do so much.

The success of the project hinges entirely on the communities we serve. We may be experts in education and MHPSS, but they are the experts in their own lives.

In dialogue with the migrant and refugee children, their families and communities, but also with all the involved stakeholders, new knowledge on innovative solutions, high-quality resources and tools will be created and made available to all citizens through the Brokering Knowledge Platform of Effective Practices in Education (BKP).

I am VERY MUCH confident that in the three years of shared work that we have ahead of us, we will successfully meet these expected impacts not only contributing to improve many children’s and their families lives but also, we will continue being an excellent team who are enjoying working together.”

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